This section is exceptionally important for those who are believers in the deception and opinions of the spiritualist / psychic / medium and/or spirits of the dead.  

Although the psychic or medium may appear to tell you things you never told them, there is a scientific explanation of how they are only reading your very thoughts and have no wisdom higher than what they get from your very mind.

True clairvoyants do exist and it is possible for anyone to develop this highest state of existence as it is to develop any other sense, but there are many false guides and they should be tested!  

A True Clairvoyant:

A). Will be able to read a passage from a book without ever opening it

      or having read it before.


B). Will be able to accurately describe a place he/she or anyone in room      

      with them has never been to or seen.

C). Will be able to feel and explain another's sensations or feelings.

D). Will be able to see through matter.